Frequently Asked Questions

Is HAHA Academy a joke?

HAHA!!! No, the Humour and Hilarity Advancement Academy is a serious project!

What are HAHA Academy's objectives?

The objectives of HAHA are:

  • To promote open access to human knowledge and education for all.
  • To operate free online platforms for individuals worldwide to:
    • Collect, organise and preserve educational content;
    • Find the most relevant resources and mentors for their specific needs;
    • Assess their knowledge, conduct their lifelong education, and gain accreditations;
    • Share their own knowledge and experience with the world.
    • To research, fund, develop, and provide educational technology.
    • To increase the awareness of all the above, and promote its use and development.

What are HAHA Academy's values?

  • No brakes: collaborative development that leaves no one behind
  • No borders: open, no paywalls
  • Post-scarcity
  • Inclusivity
  • Respect for the planet
  • Diversity
  • Adaptability
  • Intersectionality
  • Solidarity
  • Resisting the dominant system by creating alternatives to undermine it
  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • A holistic approach
  • Hacker ethics
  • Replicability


Okay, but are you official?

HAHA is a registered non-profit association in Estonia since 2018: Mittetulundusühing HAHA Academy, registration number 80544719.

How is HAHA Academy organised?

HAHA Academy is organising under the principles of heterarchy, "a flexible structure made up of interdependent units, and the relationships between those units are characterized by multiple intricate linkages that create circular paths rather than hierarchical ones."

How are decisions made in HAHA Academy?

HAHA Academy uses the collaborative decision making tool Loomio for its decision making process between members.

Everyone fights eventually. What is your conflict resolution process within the HAHA Academy?

We work by consent: that way a hard no is respected as a hard no, always. When conflicts arise we put our giraffe ears on to participate in 'Non-violent communication', or spend time on self-inquiry using 'The Way'. When shit really hits the fan we seek out a person skilled in the art of mediation.


How do I join HAHA Academy?

Membership in the league of 1000 HAHAs is €5 a month. Click here to become a member.

How regularly do members communicate with each other?

Members of the league of 1000 HAHAs meet both online through Loomio and chat groups, and offline in annual meetings in Exarcheia, Greece.


Is this Soros' doing?

No. HAHA is financed through crowdfunding from its members. Click here to become a member of the league of 1000 HAHAs.

Origin story

What on earth compelled you to do this?

The Humour and Hilarity Advancement Academy was the title of a dystopian short story Edurne (co-founder of HAHA) wrote in her first year of teaching back in 2008. After meeting Mayel (and marrying online), bit by bit they've been downloading the idea of HAHA from the æthers.