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We currently need volunteers to help with Phase Two:
indexing all open educational resources from around the web and linking them to the knowledge taxonomy.


Teachers, educators, academics, learners and everyone who shares a passion for learning! Translators too!


Work on the technological foundations of HAHA Academy, while contributing to free open source software.

Design / UX

Help improve HAHA's usability and accessiblity, while helping it look its best.

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The first HAHAs

Dr. Edurne Scott Loinaz

Edurne founded HAHA Academy after completing her PhD at the Institute of Education (UCL). She's now dedicating herself to studying and creating alternative education systems.

Mayel de Borniol

Mayel is a programmer, tech architect and social innovator. As a self-taught and self-employed individual, he wants a world where "we don't need no thought control".

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